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Drunk Aunt/Drama Queen

The Mom giphyYou’re constantly worried about everyone except yourself. There’s definitely been an instance where at a restaurant your order was totally screwed up and you didn’t even notice because you were making sure everyone else was hunky-doory. You’re the friend who gets a text that says something like, “can’t make brunch. sick :(” and you’re…

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I Am The Black Sheep

BADGIRLTAYAries (March 21st to April 19th) They’re tired of being long distance. Aries are the least likely sign to stick around their hometown after graduation. They need something new and see every city as an adventure they have to take part in. This results in their family feeling left behind or like some bland precursor…

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To my brother

nikmockI have a lot of best friends, people I’ve collected over the years and can’t live without. I’m still BFFs with my childhood besties, and my college friends are my nearest and dearest. However, it’s my little brother, Dylan, who is my true best friend, and we go way back … all the way back…

via 25 Things That Happen When Your Brother Is Your BFF — Thought Catalog

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It’s About Time

I think it’s about time that I just let things go. Let it all go. My stress, my worries… I think a little too much about the future, so much so that it holds me back from making any important decisions.

“What if I go down this path and it turns out horribly?”

“What if I end up regretting this decision?”

“What if I drop everything so that I can focus on this one thing, and I end up nowhere? No money, nothing.”

What if, what if, what if! It’s always the same old thing, everyday. It’s normal, healthy even, to worry a little about your future but I feel as if I’ve gone too far. I’ve been in college now for three… THREE years and I just now decided on my major. In fact, it’s the same major that I thought I wanted to do ages ago but kept changing my mind because I thought it wasn’t right for me. I’ve wasted so much time, energy, and sleep over it and now I believe that it is finally the right time to just sit back and go with the flow. I don’t even want think about it anymore. I’ve gone so far in school and have the opportunity to transfer out by next year as long as I pass all of my classes and stick with my major. So that’s what I’m doing.

I don’t care about the “what if’s” anymore, the constant comments from people who are doubtful that I will ever get far with a major like this one.. Other people have done well in the Psychology field before. I can too. I’ve just got to relax a little, do what I need to do to get to where I want to be, follow my dreams and push the doubtfuls and their words out of my head. I’m going to prove to them and even more importantly, to myself, that I can make it. I will, you’ll see.