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The Fog in my Life

“You’re the fog on my shiny afternoon.”

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Fall In Love With Someone Who Makes It Impossible To Love Anyone Else — Thought Catalog

Kirill VasilevFall in love with someone who chooses you just as confidently as you choose them. Commit to the person who lifts you up whenever things get rough, the person who fights to make things work when the reality of life gets difficult and discouraging. Fall in love with someone who sees the wars within…

via Fall In Love With Someone Who Makes It Impossible To Love Anyone Else — Thought Catalog

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Drunk Aunt/Drama Queen

The Mom giphyYou’re constantly worried about everyone except yourself. There’s definitely been an instance where at a restaurant your order was totally screwed up and you didn’t even notice because you were making sure everyone else was hunky-doory. You’re the friend who gets a text that says something like, “can’t make brunch. sick :(” and you’re…

via What Your Self-Imagined Role In A Stereotypical Family Sitcom Says About You — Thought Catalog

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I Am The Black Sheep

BADGIRLTAYAries (March 21st to April 19th) They’re tired of being long distance. Aries are the least likely sign to stick around their hometown after graduation. They need something new and see every city as an adventure they have to take part in. This results in their family feeling left behind or like some bland precursor…

via Here’s Why You’re The Black Sheep Of Your Family, Based On Your Zodiac Sign — Thought Catalog

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To my brother

nikmockI have a lot of best friends, people I’ve collected over the years and can’t live without. I’m still BFFs with my childhood besties, and my college friends are my nearest and dearest. However, it’s my little brother, Dylan, who is my true best friend, and we go way back … all the way back…

via 25 Things That Happen When Your Brother Is Your BFF — Thought Catalog

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50 Simple Mini-Habits That Actually Help With Anxiety

Thought Catalog

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 7.22.05 PM

As a lifelong anxiety sufferer I know it can be annoying when you’re drowning in worry thoughts and someone who has no idea what anxiety is actually like tells you to just get some sunshine or exercise and “get over it.” If it was that simple, do you think anyone would still have anxiety?

That said, we can ease the severity of our symptoms by picking up habits that promote good mental hygiene. There are relaxing practices we can incorporate into our every day lives that help us feel more centered and less at the mercy of our runaway thoughts. Here are the best ones I’ve found, try them out and see if they are helpful for you.

1. Prioritize sleep. For a long time I prided myself on not “needing” as much sleep as other people, but when I started working evenings and could sleep as long as I…

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