About Me



Welcome gals and gents! My name is Sarah, with an h because h’s are NOT ew!! (Did you get the Jimmy Fallon reference? Did ya?) Just in case you were curious, I’ve decided to give you guys a little more info about me.

First of all, I’m a college student who loves all things makeup, photography, and writing. I’m rather new to blogging so be easy on me! I’m still trying to figure everything out. I am a total food junkie so you’re more than likely to find a few posts related to yummy food. I am also a huge animal lover, reader, and quote addict. I like to think that there is beauty all around us, you just have to be aware of it, so I often bring my camera with me when I go out just in case I see something that I want capture and remember forever. It could be anything; the way the sunlight looks when it cuts through the trees just before sunset..


Or cute little fluffy animals…


My obsess… love, for Disney movies.






And muuuch more. To put it simply, I’m just a regular ol’ college student/makeup lover/blogger/food junkie/animal obsessed/travel enthusiast who watches waaaay too much Jimmy Fallon and could probably use a nice break from the internet but just CAN’T STOP.

I hope you all enjoyed this little snippet into my life and please feel free to comment and let me know what you think of it, or if you have any ideas on how I can improve my site! Now watch your step, and take a peek into my life.

Love, Sarah ❤




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