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Life Is Still Going On Without You

There are dark clouds scattered across the blue skies today.

The wind is so cold that people have broken out their sweaters and jackets again.

It’s Spring, but today it does not look like it.

Mother Nature seems to think it’s still Winter.

Life is still going on.


I studied hard for a test today, but I only got a C.

I texted back my girlfriend, but she seems to have forgotten about me.

Dad is sleeping, the bonus mom is at work. Nathan is sick and mom is at home taking care of him.

Cars are driving by my house, going much faster than they should be.

People are still at work, or school, or at their kid’s soccer game.

Life is still going on.


You’re not here. But the trees have not stopped dancing in the wind.

You won’t talk to me. But the birds continue to spread their wings and fly.

You’ve stopped caring. But the days have kept moving on.

I’m no longer your priority. But I no longer care.


I woke up today and made my favorite cup of coffee.

I got dressed today and actually had the energy to study.

I went to class today and worked hard on my exam.

I laughed at my brother’s jokes and told my mom that I love her.

I came home and had a nice conversation with my father.

My friends have been texting me all day, because I’m important to them.


You’re not my number-one, and I’m no longer yours.

You have no interest in my life, and I never think of yours.

Three weeks ago, it was different, but so much has changed.

My feelings for you have finally seemed to run away.

And I wrote this out for you, so that you would know that I’m okay.





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