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It’s About Time

I think it’s about time that I just let things go. Let it all go. My stress, my worries… I think a little too much about the future, so much so that it holds me back from making any important decisions.

“What if I go down this path and it turns out horribly?”

“What if I end up regretting this decision?”

“What if I drop everything so that I can focus on this one thing, and I end up nowhere? No money, nothing.”

What if, what if, what if! It’s always the same old thing, everyday. It’s normal, healthy even, to worry a little about your future but I feel as if I’ve gone too far. I’ve been in college now for three… THREE years and I just now decided on my major. In fact, it’s the same major that I thought I wanted to do ages ago but kept changing my mind because I thought it wasn’t right for me. I’ve wasted so much time, energy, and sleep over it and now I believe that it is finally the right time to just sit back and go with the flow. I don’t even want think about it anymore. I’ve gone so far in school and have the opportunity to transfer out by next year as long as I pass all of my classes and stick with my major. So that’s what I’m doing.

I don’t care about the “what if’s” anymore, the constant comments from people who are doubtful that I will ever get far with a major like this one.. Other people have done well in the Psychology field before. I can too. I’ve just got to relax a little, do what I need to do to get to where I want to be, follow my dreams and push the doubtfuls and their words out of my head. I’m going to prove to them and even more importantly, to myself, that I can make it. I will, you’ll see.


Hello world! My name is Sarah. Pleasure to meet you. I am a college student/writer/makeup lover/travel enthusiast. Take a peek into my life..

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