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One Sentence a Day (at least)

So, I read this article naming things that I could do to make myself a little happier each day, and the very first one was to write one sentence each day in a journal. You could put something funny that happened to you today, or even just how you’re feeling. As you can clearly see, I took up that challenge, though I couldn’t help but go a little further than just one sentence. I’m a gabber; what can I say? You guys should try it out, too! Maybe it’ll be fun!

I had two classes today, and then mom picked me up and she took Nathan and I out for some lunch and frozen yogurt. She really is the most amazing mother! Then I came home and watched a little bit of Naked Gun with my dad, then went upstairs to go my h.w., said hi to my stepmom, and now I’m here… typing out my day INSTEAD of doing what I came upstairs to do in the first place… Anywaaaay, I guess that’s it for now!

I hope you all are having a fantastic day! 😀

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